An accident is a sudden event resulting in physical injury or death, (one of) the cause(s) of which must not be attributable to the affiliate’s body.

This cover is usually taken out in combination with a group insurance policy (pension plan). It provides a lump sum in the event of death (in some contracts also in the event of complete and permanent physiological disability) as the result of an accident.

An accident that occurs in the context of the victim's personal life is always insured. In that case, the cover screen will show "My supplementary benefit in the event of a personal accident".

Some contracts also provide benefits in the event of an occupational accident. In that case, the cover screen will show "My supplementary benefit in the event of an accident".

The insured lump sum will be paid out in the event of:

  • Death resulting from an accident within three years.
    The beneficiary is the same as the beneficiary in the event of death as defined in the pension plan to which this physical accident insurance is linked.


  • Total permanent disability resulting from an accident (the injuries are consolidated three years after the accident at the latest).
    The beneficiary is the affiliate themselves.

What is total disability?
Total disability is when the disability percentage is at least 67%.
The level of disability is established in a medical decision based on the Official Belgian Scale to determine the disability level and the applicable Belgian case law.

What is permanent disability?
Permanent disability is when it is proven that the total disability will affect the affiliated individual throughout their life and there is no chance of a significant improvement, even with the appropriate medical treatment.

The lump sum paid out in the event of permanent incapacity to work is taxed based on a system of the ‘notional amount’ which is 1% to 5% of the lump sum depending on the beneficiary's age. In principle, the ‘notional amount’ can be established for 13 years, unless the beneficiary is 65 or older, in which case the declaration period is limited to 10 years.