Example of a premium statement


The premium statement shows:

A premium summary for each employee

  1. broken down per type of insured cover;
    • Life / death
    • Waiver of payment of premium
    • Incapacity for work
    • Accidents
  2. broken down based on premium paid by the employer (V);
  3. broken down based on premium paid by the employee (D);
  4. overall premium total per employee.

A summary of the personal contribution paid by the employee

Here you can see which sum you need to withhold from each employee's salary if the group insurance also requires a personal contribution.

The total premium amount

The total premium (including taxes) payable for all employees on the statement is shown at the bottom of the premium statement.

Justifications for the premium entry

The column RW (Reason for Change) shows why the premium was entered. The list of all number codes can be found here.

Overview of "Reasons for change" codes:

Code         Modification
05 New affiliate
10 Transfer of an affiliate
15 Annual adjustment
20 Termination of a cover
25 Change in the family situation or rate of employment
30 Termination of employment or change in the insurance combination                   
34 Modification of choice
35 Change due to medical acceptance
40 Correction
60 Waiver of premium payment in case of incapacity for work
70 Change in the pension rules
75 Full-time time credit
85 Addition of a cover in accordance with the conditions of affiliation
95 Decease
115 Termination of the premium payment
120 Postponement of the expiry date
700 Deposit in the financing fund
800 Single premium deposit
900 Periodical premium settlement (prolongation)



Example of a premium settlement


The premium settlement shows the total premium (including taxes) payable to Vivium for the group insurance of all your employees.

If your employees are separated into different accounting units, the premium settlement will also show the subtotals of the individual premium statements.

The name of the accounting unit will correspond to the employee category, such as office staff, management, HR or IT. If you notice that the category name is not optimal or is incorrect, please inform us via your common EB contactpersons.

Please note that this will not affect the cover and premiums!

Example of an account statement


Your account statement shows your outstanding Vivium premium balance.

Our account number is:

IBAN: BE34 3200 0027 3690



You will receive no more than one account statement per month. This statement shows all payments and new entries from the past thirty days. If there were no transactions, we will not send you a statement.

A monthly reminder procedure is in place to remind you of any unpaid sums.